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Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash

Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash Badminton Racket from Millet Sports, £145
A badminton racket which rewards perseverance. If you have an aggressive style it could suit your play once you can hit with the sweet spot consistently.

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ArcSaber Z-SlashSo let’s forget about the 421km/h headline speed, and put aside Yonex’s bold claims that it makes players smashes 9.5% faster, and talk about the badminton racket itself.

I have not used an ArcSaber Z-Slash, but in this detailed review, a Yonex affiliated coach, has said,

“This is a pedigree racquet that requires coaxing into greatness. When you time your shot right, this beauty delivers power in abundance. And here lies the crux of the matter…’when.’ This racquet takes more getting used to than any I’ve used before.”

And here are some of the opinions from Badminton Central’s forum, in my opinion the best place on the internet to read the opinions of badminton enthusiasts:

”At first, the timing of the racquet was a problem. I often swung it too early.
Its small sweet spot also poses mishits during power shots such as smashing.
But the control and defence was superb and the small frame didn’t pose for these kind of shots.

After a few more days, it just improves. I stop myself from expecting strong smashes every time I smash the shuttlecock. My smashes then got stronger. Combined with the control and defence, it was just exciting playing with this racquet. Like others said, it is an unforgiving racquet when mis-hits.

All in all, this is one racquet that can surely deliver.”

”I now have about 12 hours on my ZS so here is my updated review.

Essentially I found out where I was going wrong with this badminton racket. I was being too passive, and it took a couple of games of singles to blow the cobwebs out and get in tune with the racket.

The Z isn’t a very forgiving racket, so if you try to be too clever or passive, it’ll bite you. But the reward is some serious power shots and speed around the court.”

“After accumulated 20 hours of play using the Arc Z i must say…….i am starting to LIKE IT!!!.
I dunno how to put it, this afternoon everything just click in. The smash, the overhead clears, the drives, even the net plays, net kills, drops. And the best “feel” is once everything clicked, ur overall game play actually speed up a lot. It was noticed even by my club captain.

Hope this is because finally i got used to the Arc Z and the reward it brings, Will test again this Tuesday to make sure it wasn’t a ONE OFF lucky day for me.
Till then, stay tune…..

Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash Badminton Racket from Millet Sports, £152It sounds like the ArcSaber Z-Slash is a badminton racket which rewards perseverance, and while it’s not going to give you a 400+km/h badminton smash (not unless you happen to be a world-class player already), if you have an aggressive style it could suit your play once you’re consistently hitting with the sweet spot.


I’ve had a look round at prices, here’s a list of the best prices I’ve found for different areas. By the way, if you find it cheaper elsewhere, please post in the comments and I’ll update the table for everyone’s benefit.

Best Racket Prices: Yonex ArcSaber Z-Slash

Country / RegionPriceShop
UK£125My Badminton Store (shipped from Hong Kong)
USA$200My Badminton Store (shipped from Hong Kong)
CanadaCD$216My Badminton Store (shipped from Hong Kong)
Europe€137My Badminton Store (shipped from Hong Kong)
Hong Kong$195My Badminton Store
Japan¥18,375Amazon Japan

ArcSaber Z-Slash on eBay US

ArcSaber Z-Slash on eBay UK

So if you’ve found this article interesting and decide to buy an ArcSaber Z-Slash, please buy through my site and I’ll get a commission. Which will encourage me to write more articles – everyone’s a winner! 🙂

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