Losing at Badminton? Take Steps to Success!

Badminton: Steps to Success breaks down common errors players make and provides corrective techniques to pinpoint problems and improve execution. Over 100 drills will further enforce correct technique, with designated drills for tactical practice, conditioning, and teamwork for doubles play.

Don’t fall behind….take a step forward!

Best Book Prices

UKBadminton: Steps to Success£8.96Amazon UK
UKInner Game of Tennis£4.79Amazon UK
UKWinning Ugly£4.49Amazon UK
USBadminton: Steps to Success$15Amazon USBadminton Book: Steps to Success
USSure Fire Badminton Drills (eBook)$47Badminton-Information.com
USInner Game of Tennis$10.20Amazon USBook: Inner Game of Tennis
USWinning Ugly$7Amazon USBook: Winning Ugly

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I’m Michael Hayes, a badminton blogger. I’ve been playing badminton regularly since my early teens. I’m a member of Finsbury badminton club in central London, and usually play 2-3 times a week. I'm learning to blog and working hard developing BadmintonDoubles.com If you want to learn new badminton doubles tactics and techniques, or find the places on the internet for badminton bargains, then have a look at my site.
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  1. Tom Harry says:

    I learned loads from Steps to success

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