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Tan Boon Heong’s 421km/h Badminton Smash – New Record?

It’s been a good month for Malaysian Badminton Doubles player, Tan Boon Heong. First, he and Koo Kien Keat (who are currently the number 2 men’s doubles pair in the world) won a tight Men’s Doubles final against Mathias Boe and Carsten Mogensen in the Denmark Open.

Secondly, Yonex announced that using their new badminton racket, the ArcSaber Z-Slash, he hit the fastest badminton smash ever recorded – 421 km/h (262mph).  This beats Naoki Kawamae’s record of 414 km/h (257mph) from earlier in the same test.  Boon Heong’s responded to the announcement with a winning combination of pride and modesty,

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