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I'd be interested in anything related to badminton or this site, including:

  • Do you prefer singles or doubles?  Why?
  • What would you like to read about in this blog?
  • What’s the best badminton match you have seen?
  • Which badminton player is your favourite?  What sets them apart from the others?
  • How do you play differently in a match?  What kind of preparations do you make?  Which warm-up exercises do you find most effective?
  • What shots or techniques would you like advice for?
  • Do you have any videos of training, drills or matches to share?
  • Do you have advice on running a club efficiently?  How do you strike the right
    balance between friendliness and competitiveness? Which shuttlecocks does your club use?Badminton Ready Position (me)
  • What do you look for in a badminton racket?  Which make/model is your favourite?  Why?  What about strings? And shoes?
  • What tactics do you find effective in level doubles?   And in mixed?
  • Do you have any interesting badminton facts to share?  Such as fitness advice, reaction time statistics or health data.
  • Anything else specific to our sport!

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2 Responses to Badminton Doubles: Contact me

  1. KC Lee says:

    Promotion Note from a Malaysian Badminton Academy – please contact them if you’re interested….


    Greetings from Michael’s Badminton Academy, Malaysia.

    We kindly inform that we will be hosting the 41st World Morning Cup Badminton Championships next year on July 13th-15th, 2012.

    Below are some information:-
    – An event held for 40 years in Taiwan (41st will be the first time ever to be hosted outside Taiwan and here in Michael’s Badminton Academy, Malaysia)
    – “Biggest gathering of badminton enthusiasts ever!” Expecting 2500 participants both local & international from 20 countries
    – Open for all ages from age 25 to 85 years onwards; and with over 100 event categories

    The main aim of the tournament is to bring people together and foster friendship through badminton.

  2. Kate Manning says:

    I am the marketing and communications manager of BADMINTON England and I wanted to contact you about our current campaign PlayBadminton (

    You have already Tweeted one of our juggling videos (Pete Stokes is part of our campaign) and in order to encourage people to get on court it would be great if you could embed the PlayBadminton widget on your website.

    An example of this is on the BADMINTON England website homepage ( on the left hand side.

    Please email me if you would like to help us get people to PlayBadminton.

    Kind regards